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Atari and Bandai are bringing the cult .hack hybrid series of anime and video games to Western audiences: Global site | Japanese site

The computer game simulates the online gaming experience of a MMORPG, and comes with an exclusive 30m OVA (animation episode) containing clues to help players complete the game. Animation centres around Mai and Tomonari who both lose conciousness while playing the online game, The World. CC Corporation, the game creators, insist they are not responsible, but Mai recovers, and with a mysterious man Junichiro, set out to investigate the link between the comatose phenomenon and CC Corp.


From Bandai/Atari press release info:

European release of .hack announced
Atari and Bandai have announced a colaboration to bring Project .hack to the European market. .hack consists of a series of four video games with assorted spin offs, including anime and manga versions. The press release only confirms that the games are to be release in Europe, but this is enough to get the interest of anime fans, as each game in the series will include an episode of the anime series .hack//ILLUMINALITY. The first game, titled .hack//INFECTION, has been given a release date of 12th March 2004.

Additional .hack press release information
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