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Why is Nokia Shorts 2004 actually a ‘short film competition’ rather than one dealing with mobile film or chaku motion? Even more confounding, these shorts, apparently made specifically to be played via mobile phone, aren’t even going to be available for download onto them (according to The Guardian). Instead they are to be screened at October’s Raindance film festival, and via the official Nokia Shorts site. Whatever the ins and outs of another short film competition – one in which the sponsoring product, the Nokia 7610, is arguably more interesting than this ‘me-too’ marketing exercise (thankfully Nokia have some more interesting marketing on the horizon) – at least a couple of the 2004 finalists for the latest Nokia Shorts go beyond traditional film festival fodder.

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“Bring it up, bring it up… Squeeze it up. Take it down.” Capture the motion, ten short movies from Panasonic on the olympic spirit, are an idiosyncratic, enlightened micro-movie blitz of creativity. From weightlifting, dancercising poodles in Nagi Noda‘s infomercial comedy, to impressionistic snatches of athletes in action in Joel Peissig‘s latest, compositing and special effects are integrated to tight capsule ideas. While Noda’s Fitness Video crowns the selection with sheer oddness, Lobo‘s experimental homage hints at a more thoughtful approach. Ultimately the fluid-action comic-strip by Bessy and Combe, mixing le parkour styling with elegant two-tone animation wins through as the collection’s tour de force work. This is a winning collection (Panasonic seemed to have learnt their lesson from their misfiring Digital Networking shorts of 2003, too closely tied with product placement), even surpassing the recent exceptional, and much-hyped, Nike Art of Speed project in sheer immediate entertainment value.

  • Panasonic Ten shorts official site: Capture the motion
    640×480 MPEG2 video download links below.
    Streaming video options on site.

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    The full selection in a rough order of preference with quick comments:

  • Peace Running, Bessy and Combe
    “Run through a monochromatic world in this fast-paced animated ‘comic-strip’.” Parkour style action in this maxed-out stark kinetic animé.
    MPEG2 download [39M]

  • Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for being appraised as an “Ex-fat Garl”, Nagi Noda
    “Fun fitness movie expressing the joy of exercise.” Absurd humour and fresh compositing gives a humorous spin on the infomercial.
    MPEG2 download [38m]

  • Motion. Captured., Joel Peissig
    “A strong visual message expressed using the Pei Bell Effects developed by the artist himself. Celebrating the joy of human motion.” Post-2000 pointillist motion stylings.
    MPEG2 download [39M]

  • Untitled, Koichiro Tsujikawa
    “A running person or a moving machine? An animated character of cinematic feel called yakudo-kun (“lively movement”).” Wacky, running machine seamlessly integrated into camcorder action.
    MPEG2 download [39M]

  • P.B. Recki, Lobo
    “Graphics and music fuse in a painting-inspired film. Focussing on the beauty of the movement of the human body through space. Inspired by Futurism and Oskar Fischinger.” Lobo continue to expand into a maturing fine art style, moving on from their signature vector-infuenced work.
    MPEG2 download [37m]

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