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Colder‘s To The Music video by UVA is a striking promo treatment where sound and image are totally in keeping with each other. I’ve worked with and commissioned pieces from Colder’s Marc Nguyen Tan previously (he has a background as an art director, creating impressive graphic and motion pieces as Dotmov and le cabinet), so it is intriguing to see how United Visual Artists interpret the singer and his work after Marc has previously been so in control of his visual look.

The generative process and custom software UVA use to create the video frames elicits a fragile, flickery, and lo-tech electronic image of the singer and a female dancer. They jitter in and out of the dusky red-black ether, forms in a state of flux captured and then broken back into digital bits. The edgy transfer of black and white scanlines into faces and figures offer a perfect parallel to the vocals that float in and out of the mix. Try to grab at any meaning and the 3D forms threaten to swirl into nothingness.

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Whether you call them VJs (the old-school video jockey, which mainstreamers invariably confuse with MTV presenters), or DJs (new-styled digital jockeys, illustrating the move away from simply remixing analog sources such as tape and slide projection), DJ Magazine recently released a great list of the top 20 best VJs of 2005.

I’m glad to see personal favourites and old friends featured, including Stu and Robin of Hexstatic taking the top spot, and The Light Surgeons also in the top five.

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Inspired by Peter Saville’s iconic design of the Unknown Pleasures album by Joy Division, C505 have recreated a music video taking this signature style and applying it to vintage footage of the band playing on Granada Reports (which was a local Manchester TV programme). It takes a certain amount of design machismo to mess with seminal works such as this but the piece represents a bravura performance by the digital art/design group. Yoshi Sodeoka has been making varying types of sound toys for a while now, with previous incarnation C404, but currently motion is being foregrounded.

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