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Expect to see NikeLab’s Art of Speed project featuring multi-disciplinary moving imagemaker-created shorts all over the Web and at digital film festivals globally shortly.

The Computerlove site has a great preview of the collection featuring Les Jumelles by KDLAB.
Art of Speed will be featured at from 1 May 2004:

“With the Art of Speed project, Nike sought an outside perspective, asking 15 digital artists to create their own visions of speed through a Nike lens.”

Interview from

This short film follows the morning run of an athlete in the distant future, who leaves her home for a high-speed run in a pair of Celar 2 shoes and a Nike Swift Suit. During this jog – which for her lasts only half an hour – a much longer time passes at her home, where all natural things age and change significantly while she is away, including the twin she has left behind.

What does speed mean to you?

KDLAB: Today speed means so much more than the “rate of motion between two points.” It is a quality that we look for and demand in so many areas of our lives: computer processors, internet connections, pizza delivery, etc. It is something we never seem to get enough of and is directly linked to our notions of progress and achievement.

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NOW!, a collaborative film project is seeking contributions of footage to evaluate for inclusion in their VJ-inflected feature project. It marks another step in the growth of ‘open source movies’, with the potential to be the most high profile of these projects so far.

By following the long evolving and well-honed VJ approaches of Coldcut and Hexstatic (see the excellent Zen TV DVD Video Retrospective for further examples), NOW! may well produce a highly individualistic and fresh approach to feature-length audiovisual collage. But the project needs to be especially sensitive to cohesion between multiple sources, both visually and in subject focus, otherwise it will fall short of previous prime examples of the genre (such as 1998s Lucky People Center International) into being a confused and glorified montage. With a pedigree for producing Timber and Natural Rhythm though, an activist equivalent to a Baraka or a Bodysong beckons. A potential Koyaanisqatsi for the remix generation.

now collaborative film

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Purveyors of audiovisual club events, and VJ pioneers, the NinjaTune label continues with live events tied in with the excellent ZenTV DVD release. After initial gigs in the UK and Europe the ZenTV line-up splits in East and West directions. Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Bonobo, Blockhead & Sixtoo continue North American gigs from 17 March. The Euro-contingent of Coldcut, Pest, Skalpel and Hexstatic perform in Paris on the 18 March before moving on to Germany and Japan.

Details: US tour | Europe/Japan tour

The Zen TV DVD – Video Retrospective is an excellent primer to the emerging hybrid VJ/music video form, including classics such as Coldcut & Hexstatic’s Timber (containing the best chainsaw solo in history) alongside Amon Tobin’s 4 Ton Mantis (Floria Sigismondi-directed), and his ultra-synced Verbal promo (by Alexander Rutterford).

From Ninja Tune website:

“The ZenTV DVD has twice the capacity of a normal DVD, containing as it does 35 promo videos from the label, a fifteen minute audiovisual mix and a 30 minutes audio mix from Hexstatic.

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