I thought it might be Hiyao Miyazaki-esque in its ambitious reach for the fantastical, but after all the hype Bjork‘s latest videoclip, the epic 9-month in the making Wanderlust, washes over you as ineffectually as the river that she travels along within it.

Maybe viewing it in high definition 3D might be a revelation, but Encyclopedia Pictura unfortunately don’t reach the heights of either beauty or rawness that are signature elements of the Icelandic artists greatest promo’s. There is no denying the artistry in the piece, and I’m sure plenty of fans will buy the Wanderlust DVD on release, but track and visuals never soar together. Bjork’s videos push boundaries — but in this case I feel it is going in the opposite direction to the leading edge.

Video embedded below to make up your own mind, but after the jump compare it to the video for Declare Independence — ok, that video is by Gondry whom it is difficult to fault — but MG shows he’s still the one most in tune with Bjork’s creative flow.

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Stripped down, like the track: Blue-hued high grunge imagery for Portishead‘s first video Machine Gun from new album, Third. Whether web-cammed or CCD’ed, this is the antithesis of the To Kill a Dead Man promo epic. It catches the moment – we’ve moved on from 16mm noir homages to YouTube rehearsal sneak peeks.

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